Our Solutions

Sustainability for RFID and IoT markets

Our fully recyclable paper antennas are plastic-free, have no hazardous materials and leave no harmful waste behind

How you can take part

Our goal is to bring sustainability to the RFID market without compromising on quality or efficiency. We want you to be able to keep up with the times and meet the growing demand for environmentally-friendly antennas made without plastic. Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, we can offer this without any compromise! In addition to our antenna production, we also want to bring you the same environmentally-friendly solutions. That is why we are licensing and leasing so that you can produce your own antennas at your company.

License and lease

We offer you the chance to produce antennas at your premises, using our technology, through licensing of our production technology and leasing of our machinery.

Small footprint

Our production equipment doesn’t take up a lot of space, which will make it easy for you to fit into your production plants.

Do you want to become more sustainable?

Contact us today and take part in the environmentally-friendly solution!