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With sustainability and quality at the forefront

Our unique technology offers lower component costs and improved efficiencies - all while keeping the environment in mind.

The sustainable solution

Thanks to our unique 4E™ technology, we allow RFID inlay manufacturers to introduce a game-changing product into their product offerings. Our paper antennas are not only sustainable, but also of top quality - meeting the industry demand for performance and profitability. A pure aluminum layer on the paper substrates of the 4E Antenna enables superior RF-performance compared to current printed antennas. Paper antennas enable eliminating the expensive and nonsustainable etched PET antennas from the manufacturing process. The end result is a sustainable end product which will give you lower total tagging costs.

The sustainable solution

Our antennas are fully recyclable without any hazardous materials


Being sustainable shouldn’t be more expensive, and with our technology, it isn’t!

Cutting-edge performance

The laser technology produces industry-standard quality antennas

Unique technology

The 4E™ technology is the first of its kind, offering a modern and sustainable solution to the traditional process

Modern thinking

We offer solutions to the growing RFID and IoT markets that are keeping up with the times

Beyond RFID

The 4E™ technology can also be used for non-RFID applications. Contact us to find out more!

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